There’s a common assumption that all quiet people really want to be talkative, but can’t be. They just lack confidence, or are really bad with words, but if you just reached out a helping hand and gave them a gentle push, you could rescue them from their silent prison, from which they must constantly look out in misery at normal people talking and enjoying themselves.

The root problem is projection. A lot of people just think, “If I wasn’t talking, that would mean something was wrong, and I would want someone to pay attention to me, put me on the spot, and push me into something crazy. That would snap me out of it!” Which is probably true for them, but different people have different personalities, and for some people, that’s the wrong cure entirely, while for some other people, it’s not even a problem that needs a “cure.”

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No Hogwarts troublemaking duo ever survives together. And the other has to exist like a ship without a sail - he still functions, but he can’t move as well as he once could. 

R.I.P. James and Fred. 

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On Periods: Let’s put this shit to bed right now: Women don’t lose their minds when they have period-related irritability. It doesn’t lower their ability to reason; it lowers their patience and, hence, tolerance for bullshit. If an issue comes up a lot during “that time of the month,” that doesn’t mean she only cares about it once a month; it means she’s bothered by it all the time and lacks the capacity, once a month, to shove it down and bury it beneath six gulps of willful silence.

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But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you.” -Quran 2:216

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My grandma always said that God made libraries so that people didn’t have any excuse to be stupid.

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I had the pleasure of talking to Stephen Colbert about Tumblr last night! Still couldn’t get his URL out of him…

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